The AgriTrade Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya


In 2004, ACWICT worked with a team of graduate students from the University of Michigan to design an innovation that utilizes technology as a tool to create agricultural market efficiencies in Eastern Africa. The innovation overcomes market-related inefficiencies through a digital platform that drives transparency, increases linkages/networks, and enables farmers to gain more from their hard work.


Program Aim

AgriTradeKenya is an innovation that that is utilizing technology as a tool to create agricultural market efficiencies in Eastern Africa. The ATK project aims to network fishing, livestock, and crop-producing rural communities in the Lake Victoria Basin Region of Kenya with entrepreneurs, processors, and agricultural service providers through an online web portal. The portal will provide a showcase of goods, services, and best practices and provide an online trade component. This model utilizes the most proven theories of market economy, efficiencies through technology and communication to create a unique plan of action for facilitating real change in the community. The Project will be piloted in Mbita, Muhoroni, and Migori areas in the region.


Our Approach

The first phase of the project has been completed. The project is now in its second phase which includes the development of the AgriTradeKenya digital platform, the establishment of community multimedia centers. These CMCs will serve as access points for the agricultural portal and will also be available to the general public, providing additional services, training, and access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). The CMCs will contribute to and encourage regional technology literacy, education, and development.

"Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy, contributing 26% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and another 27% of GDP indirectly through linkages with other sectors. The sector employs more than 40% of the total population and more than 70% of Kenya’s rural people making it very important for poverty reduction in Kenya"


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