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Addressing challenges faced by high potential but disadvantaged women and youth including the most marginalized, vulnerable and underserved to improve their access to education, employment, health and leadership opportunities for better livelihoods requires combined efforts of governments, organizations, private sector and learning institutions.

Over the last 20 years, ACWICT has been partnering with like-minded local and international development partners; foundations; technology companies; learning institutions; employer partners and community based organizations to contribute to addressing the above challenge.

Currently, we have a commitment to impact the lives 500,000 women and youth by the year 2024. We are seeking partners to help us realize this goal… JOIN US AS WE CHANGE THE FUTURE OF WOMEN AND YOUTH

Corporate Partners:

ACWICT works with a wide range of corporate partners at local, regional and international level to help them direct their investments and corporate social responsibility to effective and innovative programs targeting women and youth. Sectors that stand to benefit from partnerships with ACWICT include IT/ICT; retail; food and beverage; construction; mechanical and industrial trades; sexual reproductive health and HIV prevention; agriculture and research and development. If you represent a corporate partner interested in supporting women and youth in areas stated, we would be happy to partner.

Educational Institutions:

ACWICT partners with vocational training institutions, colleges and universities to offer our high impact, short market-driven curricula and training to help instructors engage students in new, refreshing, and effective ways. On a needs basis, we work with our educational partners to create safe spaces that support learning for young mothers. These include setting up baby care services to provide young mothers with basic childcare support while they attending their classes. If you represent an educational institution interested in supporting women and youth in areas stated, we would be glad to partner.

Non-profit and Community Based youth serving organizations:

ACWICT collaborates with a wide network of Non-governmental and Community based organizations in the development environment based on their aspirations to support women and youth, we share our experiences on ‘what works’ in creating opportunities for women and youth including the most marginalized and vulnerable. If you represent a Non-profit or Community Based youth serving organizations interested in learning from our experiences on ‘what works’ in creating opportunities for women and youth, we would be happy to partner.
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