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Vusha Empowerment Program

“Vusha” is Swahili word that means transition

Vusha is a demand-driven program that is delivered through in-person, in-class training and self-study.The Goal of Vusha Empowerment Programme is to  improve the employability prospects and income generating capacities of high potential high school graduates aged 20-29 years from poor and disadvantaged households in Kiambu, Machakos, Kisumu and Mombasa.

 This program aims to help the beneficiaries have:
  • Access to online work skills as means to gaining alternative sources of income.
  • 21st Century market driven skills through upskilling in digital literacy and coding skills
  • Develop in depth experience in important soft skills to cope at work place, day to day activities and reproductive health.
  • Connect to the most innovative on-line learning platform through the TukoWorks entrepreneurship and employability portal.
  • Job placement support.

Applicant Requirements

  1. Must have completed secondary education
  2. Be between 20-29 years old
  3. A Kenyan citizen

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