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Trade is a cross-cutting economic concept that has linkages with all other economic sectors. It creates a channel through which goods and services move from the producers/manufacturers to the final consumer. Application of Information, Communication and Technologies (ICTs) in trading translates to reduced transaction costs, efficiencies in logistic processes and expanding market opportunities leading to lower trade costs, higher flows and higher profits. While these remains true, women, who play a major role in the global economy by investing more in creating secure foundations for the future of their families and communities risk being excluded as they are less likely than men to use or own digital platforms and technologies that facilitate ICT enabled trade

ACWICT’s women and trade programs seek to increase the participation of women entrepreneurs and producers in cross-border trade in East Africa by leveraging on opportunities presented by ICT’s. The programs ensure that they enjoy greater economic benefits including reduced transaction costs, efficiencies in logistic processes and expanding market opportunities leading to lower trade costs, higher flows and higher profits.


For the last two decades, we have been working to address the problem of unemployment through the following initiatives.

Expanding Women and Youth ICT Innovation Opportunities for Economic Integration within the EAC Member States

Expanding Women and Youth ICT Expanding Women and Youth ICT innovation opportunities for economic integration within the EAC member states In October 2019, under the ‘The Incubator for Integration and Development in East Africa” (IIDEA),...


COVID-19 and Digital Employability Programme

ACWICT has received funding support from the UKAID to equip 1,000 unemployed/underemployed young women aged 18-34 years from informal settlements and rural Kenya, including those who lost their jobs/business opportunities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic with market-driven online/digital work skills to enable them become re-employed or secure new employment and business opportunities. At


Solutions for Youth Employment

In June 2019, ACWICT, after a rigorous evaluation by the World Bank’s Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE)’s coalition independent selection panel, was accepted to join the membership of S4YE’s external community of practice, the Impact Portfolio. As a member of the S4YE Impact Portfolio, ACWICT joins a new community of innovative youth employment projects from

Success Stories

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Our vision is a world where all people, women and men have equal opportunities to access and use information/knowledge for their social, economic and political advancement.

August Friday

COVID-19 and Digital Employability Programme Launch Webinar

Join us as we look to address the objective behind the intervention and also how

August Thursday

Emerging Models from Sub-Saharan Africa

Fostering Sustainable Livelihoods for Adolescent Girls and Young Women  

May Saturday

ACWICT AND GSMA Sub Saharan Africa Tech4Girls Webinar

In our sustained efforts in leveraging digital transformation to ensure 'No one is left behind,'

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Key components of our youth employability program include:
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