ICT is one of the six trends changing rapidly if not the fastest in world trade. Changes- e-commerce, virtualisation, e-payments, BPR, customs automation, consignment tracking, port management and data sharing.
Women are currently less likely than men to use or own digital technologies, with larger gaps among women and youth (ICC ) (SDG5).
Community centred approach enhances awareness to basic access, connectivity and culturally relevant information and content in a consumable language while addressing social economic and cultural issues.
Highlight the role of multi-stakeholder collaborations and showcase ICT business initiatives to support women’s participation in the workforce and aid financial inclusion. CSOs role in supporting youth to access and use ICTs, working with Government and private sector to advocate for more accessible ICTs (UNICEF), Integration of SIMBA & KWATO systems in Kenya.
A lean team comprising of the Program Manager, ICT Master Trainer, M&E with administration support.

ICT4Trade Programs


The project is at the core of promoting the ACWICT innovation and integration agenda especially for young women within the member states. Our focus will be to utilize ICT to speed up the much needed trade facilitating reforms to enable easier movement of goods, services and capital in the East African region as a building block to regional integration.

Applications for this program is currently closed!