The goal of this project is to create opportunities for 1,000 high potential but disadvantaged young women from poor and disadvantaged house-holds to pursue careers in computer science and co. The young women targeted by the project will be high school graduates aged 19-24 years. They will be taken through a three-month training program that will introduce them to computer science including introduction to computer systems, hardware and software components, computer applications, computer programming / Coding and the Internet of Things. In addition to the above mentioned technical skills, the young women will also be trained on entrepreneurship and life skills (for day-to-day life, for the work place and healthcare planning). Upon completion of training, they will be placed into internships/jobs opportunities. It is expected that at least 80% of the young women trained will be placed into jobs/internship opportunities. 

Towards the end of their training, the young women will be required to form groups and brainstorm on business case solutions they would develop in their respective groups including identifying a business/company name, developing presentation for companies in readiness for presentation before judges in a plenary session. Based on their business/company solution, the young women will be required to develop a mobile application to support their business idea. The group work and business case solution development will enhance their foundational problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork skills that will help them succeed and stay competitive as they strive to achieve their life goals and advance in different career paths to become problem solvers and decision makers of our next generation. Computer science driven fields.

Applicant Requirements

  1. Must have completed secondary education
  2. Be at least 18 years old
  3. A Kenyan citizen
  4. Have an interest in pursuing a computer science related career
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