Ninaweza Youth Empowerment Program

“Ninaweza” is a Kiswahili word for “I Can”. The Ninaweza program has evolved from its initial phase when it was implemented as an impact evaluation supported by the World Bank and the International Youth Foundation to a demand-driven digital skills training program that prepares young women from marginalized backgrounds in Kenya to enter and succeed in the digital labour market. We focus on skills that prepare the young women to engage jobs and businesses that are ICT-enhanced, ICT-dependent and ICT – intensive such as graphic design, customer service, call center, online work freelancing, web development and mobile-app development.

Towards the end of their training, the young women are supported to form groups and brainstorm on a group project after which they are taken through a series of workshops including financial modelling skills; mentorship and life skills; and business presentations. Based on their group solution, the young women are required to develop a mobile application to support their business idea. This phase of their training enhances their foundational problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork skills that will help them succeed and stay competitive as they strive to achieve their life goals and advance in different career paths to become problem solvers and decision makers of our next generation.


The program is implemented in Nairobi County, Kenya


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