ICT4 Development Innovation Week Bootcamps

The Innovation Week Bootcamps aim at giving participants an opportunity to develop e-solutions/innovations addressing some of the challenges that communities experience in accessing services.

Participants involved are equipped with coding/programming skills (Web, software and APP development) coupled with mentorship on the key components or processes of software development (planning, analysis, design, development, testing and integration and maintenance). They are encouraged to form groups and brainstorm on business case solutions they would develop in their respective groups. Based on their business/company solution, the participants will be required to develop a mobile/web based application to support their business idea.  A business pitch session is organised for the participants to pitch their innovations to potential investors/employers.

The group work and business case solution development also enhances their foundational problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork skills that helps them to succeed and stay competitive as they strive to achieve their life goals and advance in different career pathways to become problem solvers and decision makers of our next generation.


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