Digital Skills and Computer Science Education

This program creates opportunities for women and youth aged 19-24 years, from disadvantaged communities in Kenya to pursue careers in computer science and computer science – driven fields. The program is premised on the fact that digital skills are essential in opening the door to a wide range of opportunities in the 21st century. According to a labour market study by the World Bank in 2013, computer science education skills are transforming the world of work, creating new job opportunities and making labour markets more innovative, inclusive and global.

Through the Digital Skills and Computer Science Education program participants are trained in database development and supported in connecting their database with the mobile app developed. The resources on the Microsoft app studio enable participants to upload their own data or store it in the Cloud. The students also have the option of enrolling in Microsoft Imagine Academy where they are required to do a self-study on the online module. Upon successful completion, the participants are awarded Microsoft certifications in computer science courses of their choice; and placed on jobs/internship and digital employment opportunities.


The program is implemented in Kiambu, Homabay, Siaya, Nairobi, Kisumu and West Pokot counties in Kenya

Success Stories

Digital skills and computer science education program cohort (ICT Infrastructure)

Linda Oduor started by thanking the organization for giving her an opportunity to explore the world of technology, she shared that she first heard about ACWICT when she applied for the Ajira Digital training program which she succeeded in joining and was able to learn a lot about the digital space specifically Online work.
After the Training she started working online in a bid to save money to continue pursuing her degree in Interior design but after a while found it difficult due to the high fees demand, a few months later she shared that she again heard about the Digital skills training opportunity and quickly applied for the program knowing that based on previous engagement it would be beneficial to her future plans and after a while she was screened and called to join the three month program, during the three month program Linda talked passionately about what she had learnt specifically on Networking IT security and programing and was particularly impressed by the approach to training the trainers and mentors had adopted , she also talked about the challenges she had as an individual and as part of the group due to gruelling study sessions and difficulty in getting fare but insisted that she had to push on to ensure dh finished in time
Once she finished training she shared with the beneficiaries about her experience as an intern in Nairobi water and how she was able to transition to Digital Divide Data through the help ACWICT had given her and was very thankful to the organization, the program, trainers and her guardian for always pushing her to achieve the best she can.

Linda Oduor

Digital skills and computer science education program cohort 1|Computer science, Data science and analytics

Esther Wanjiku Kimani a graduate in our digital skills and computer science education program (and soon to be a graduate with Bsc in Computer Science) shared about how she heard about the program from one of the county officers in Kiambu County and was immediately interested due to area of study, she talked about how once she joined the training how she was able to learn a lot and also apply most of the concepts practically which was a shift from what she was used to in campus she also highlighted and commended the ACWICT team for their approach to training and mentorship and was very happy to share about the peer to peer learning environment that came about as a result of that environment.
After training she was also able to share that she used the knowledge she had gained on software development to develop a application that can be able to transition what was largely a department that dealt with a lot of paper to a paperless engagement,
She then finalized by thanking the organization and the CEO for giving her opportunity to expand on her learning and pointed out that she will be looking forward to see how she can give back to beneficiaries coming after her as she feels that this is part of her journey to impact the community around her.

Esther Wanjiku Kimani

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