All Girls ICT Boot Camps

The All Girls ICT Camps are designed to promote ‘science and technology’ as career paths for young ladies in high schools.  The camps are designed to encourage and assist girls in mathematics and the science subjects, expose the girls to computers and the internet especially e-learning.  During the camps the girls meet and get motivational talks from leading Kenyan women scientists who act as role models for the girls

The boot camps program is divided into three major thematic areas to address the girl’s needs:

Science subjects’ tuition: To take up a career in science and technology it is critical that you have good grades in the sciences.  The girls are taught and hold discussions with highly qualified teachers in solving problems they have in Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. This is combined with career guides and motivational speaker sessions.

Coding Bootcamps: Computer and coding classes are an integral part of the camp. Coding teaches the girls to think in different ways, to identify, break down and solve problems, to re-use things that others have made and integrate them to their own creation process. The girls are introduced to the concept of coding and the internet as a learning tool, each girl also gets an email address which they are encouraged to use to network with each other, the mentors and the Organization.

Life skills and Fun Activities: The camps are a great way to meet new friends from different schools interested in science and technology but also just to enjoy themselves.  They play computer games, indoor games as they remember their childhood games.  The girls are also taught life skills such as cookery, leadership, decision making, time management and problem solving skills


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