Girls of Vision
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Girls of Vision

The young girls trained had braved through various challenges during their school career among them teenage pregnancies, child marriages and cultural practices such as female circumcision that could have impacted negatively on their productivity and output.

At the point of training they had completed high school education and were at their transition point to tertiary /university education.

The girls were trained over a period of six months starting March 2016 through to August 2016 when the girls graduated from the program.

Prior to the training, ACWICT carried out a training needs assessment aimed at establishing the girls competencies and previous knowledge with computers to ensure the girls gain maximum value from the training.

The girls were also connected to additional upskilling opportunities including the international Hour of Code event, TukoWorks youth employability and entrepreneurial portal

Applicant Requirements

  1. Must have completed secondary education

  2. Be at least 18 years old

  3. A Kenyan citizen

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