“With the online work, I have been able to comfortably support myself and send money to my parents.” Abigael – Beneficiary, She Will Connect

Abigael was desperately searching for employment after school and in the first six months, she had so much hope but as time went by, desperation kicked in. She had applied for various positions in different companies but no one bothered to provide any kind of feedback in regards to her applications. Then, one of her former schoolmate told her about the Intel She Will Connect Program.

She went ahead and applied but this time she wasn’t really expecting any feedback since she felt like not getting feedback had now become a trend. Surprisingly this time, she received a call from ACWICT.

“When I received a call from ACWICT about my successful application I was very excited. For once after finishing school I felt encouraged and hopeful. Initially, I had applied for the program just because I wanted to get a place to go to each morning but after the first few hours of training I felt motivated. We were trained on numerous ICT skills such that on completion I secured two different internship positions” says abigael.

She was able to secure work as an intern in two different companies, but then she decided to try online work since she was looking for a stable job. Unfortunately, after completing the internships she was out of employment again, but this time round she decided to try online work. She made several trials and eventually employers began to procure her services. It paid off and she is now a freelance writer. Currently, she works as a successful online work transcriptionist at the comfort of home.

“With the online work, I have been able to comfortably support myself and send some money to my parents monthly. I am grateful for the exposure and I hope the program continue enriching the lives of other young women and girls.” She adds.

Applications for this program is currently closed!